Analytics, Data Science, and AI Services for the Gaming Industry

We care about your business growth. By using AI, big data, and  data visualization tools we help your business become data-driven.

Big Data for the Gaming Industry

Together with your team, we define the strongest data management strategy for your product. By helping you track players’ activity, we turn your data into your core competitive advantage.

Analytics Consulting for the Gaming Industry

By analyzing the players’ behavior via AB tests, we translate the analytics into actionable insights. As a result, you understand the impact of players on your core business metrics such as retention, churn, and LTV among others. The right understanding drives smart decisions impacting the business bottom-line revenues.

Data Science for the Gaming Industry

We help to grow your business by developing tailored data science solutions, such as retention and LTV forecasting systems, state-of-the-art recommendation engines, an advanced alerting system which reacts on KPIs changes faster than humanly possible.  

Artificial Intelligence for the Gaming Industry

We enhance your project with the wisdom of game AI professionals and create and implement AI adoption strategy for the project of any size. Together we bring best-breed AI techniques to your project live.

Data Visualization for the Gaming Industry

We help you keep track of your metrics and important KPI by utilizing Tableau, Power BI, plotly, matplotlib, and other top-class data visualization tools. So everyone in your team has access to the data they trust in the form one understand.

Data Governance for the Gaming Industry

We easily ensure that your events are tracking properly, there are no duplicates and your data is clean, correct and trustworthy. We verify that your data is GDPR compliant and each employee has access to the right data by managing permissions on the individual and team level.

Companies like yours are acting now on user insights to grow their business and empower their teams to be data-driven every day. Let us show you what Arcane Future can do for you.

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