Analytics, data science, and AI services for the gaming industry

We care about your business growth and use AI, big data, and cutting-edge data visualization tools to help your business be data-driven.

We keep your data clean and organized from the start, and as your business grows. Ensure everyone in your organization has access to data they trust and understands what the data means.


Arcane Future ensure that your data is clean, correct, and trustworthy


No outdated or duplicate data

Data is naturally messy, but we have the tools and skills that make it simple to keep your projects tidy and utilizing the latest techniques in big data processing and cloud computing, our solution scales to datasets of any size.


Help map out the events and properties you want to track

We categorize, define, and verify events and properties for your project, so everyone in your organization trusts the data, understands what it means, and can easily monitor accurate reports. Plus, if you accidentally send the same data twice, we’ll deduplicate it for you.


Export raw data for further analysis

We’ll clean, transform, and backfill the data for you, so it’s GDPR compliant and always up-to-date.

__      SECURITY

Your users’ data will be safe

We use GDPR compliant solutions to ensure your data is secure.

__     SCALE

Rely on a cloud infrastructure that's scalable and easily integrates with your current stack

We built a custom database for every project. It’s built for much deeper user analysis than what’s possible with a session-based analytics tool. No matter how many products or users you have, there’s no need to sample your data and lose the ability to drill down to a single event or user.


We will save all your data

Uptime of our services is 99%, so you never have to worry about losing or waiting for data. We offer additional service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure maximum reliability.


Get the complete picture of each user

Players use your product anonymously, from different platforms, and sign in and out of their account, it becomes complicated to track all that activity and associate it to the same, correct user, retroactively. Luckily, we can handle it.

Companies like yours are acting now on user insights to grow their business and empower their teams to be data-driven every day. Let us show you what Arcane Future can do for you.

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