Analytics, data science, and AI services for the gaming industry

We care about your business growth and use AI, big data, and cutting-edge data visualization tools to help your business be data-driven.


Don’t waste your time


Our goal is to keep analytics simple, while also providing powerful insights.


Learn about your users

Developing a user’s profile, to understand who they are, and where they’re hitting roadblocks in your product.


Deep analysis of players behavior

Interpreting player data to identify trends and find out how players really feel about specific aspects of a game, we help companies use data to grow their business.


Keep your users coming back

Prediction when is a player going to exit the game? In terms of days, level, played hours and money. Constantly monitoring if users who try your product are coming back after you add or improve features.


Tracking when metrics you care about most change

With custom alerts we won’t miss any important movement in your metrics, like a sudden drop or spike in your KPI’s.


Share progress on key metrics

We build tailored dashboards for each of your departments and team members, empowering them to surface insights, take immediate action and collaborate effectively from a single record of truth. Enterprise-level permission controls and data security mean you decide exactly who sees what.


Improving your product by quickly testing new experiences

We provide insights what experiences work best before rolling them out to your entire user base.  


Timed email reports

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly emails for a clear overview of your most essential KPIs, conveniently delivered to you when on-the-go.


All the metrics you need

We help visualize all the standard KPIs you would expect when analyzing games, plus measure unique gameplay with custom events.


Beautiful graphs

Easy understand your data with simple, fast and flexible charts.



Arcane Future provides a thorough understanding of player behavior and predicts accurately their actions in order to develop amazing data-driven games. Anticipate the most adequate sequence of in-game events and the right time to present them to maximize purchases and player engagement.

Companies like yours are acting now on user insights to grow their business and empower their teams to be data-driven every day. Let us show you what Arcane Future can do for you.

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