Analytics, data science, and AI services for the gaming industry

We care about your business growth and use AI, big data, and cutting-edge data visualization tools to help your business be data-driven.


Predict who is likely to convert 

Predictive analytics model uses past behaviors to surface which users are likely (or unlikely) to perform an action. Target potential converters or at-risk users with timely messages and special offers, to increase conversions.


Autonomous Analytics uses machine learning to understand behavioral patterns within time series data, to identify anomalies and to continuously forecast future values. Our alerts operate in real time and detect and diagnose high-impact problems faster than is humanly possible.


Know why users behave the way they do with data science models

Let us take your user behavior analytics a step further with data models that predict users' actions, identify behavioral correlations, and alert you when important metrics change. Discovering what drives your KPIs up or down, so you can suggest the right action.


React quickly when KPIs change out of the blue

We use AI to constantly monitor important metrics and forecast business performance. We have your back, so you can grow your business.


Discover what behaviors lead to a particular goal

We surface the user behaviors that correlate with your goals, like a purchase, an upsell, or higher retention, and run experiments to see what actually leads to your goals, so you know what to recreate or prioritize.

Companies like yours are acting now on user insights to grow their business and empower their teams to be data-driven every day. Let us show you what Arcane Future can do for you.

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